Kitshack Buffs


Kitshack distribute the original Buff to outdoor people that want a versatile answer to the different seasons weather. The huge range of colours and quality prints, coupled with the clever multi purpose uses have made it the first choice for both athletes and people that enjoy the great outdoors. As runners we are subjected to our fair share of weather, especially on those cold long steady runs.

When I was emailed by Kitshack it was an easy “yes please” to the question, would you consider blogging about it, but the tricky decision was which buff !! After choosing the “obsession” all I needed was a cold and windy day, with rain if possible. Todays run was perfect, it started with dark menacing clouds, that emptied themselves on me later on and various garden furniture lying on its side in our back garden, from the wind. After 11 miles of on and off wind and rain the sun inevitably came out in the last mile !!

I’ve used race goody bag buffs in the past but there’s no comparison in the quality. With the breathable, wind resistant and wicked material buffs are for all the seasons. They protect you in the Winter and can be used as a head/sweatband or wristband in the Summer. Also ladies can use one as a hairband/scrunchie. I chose the Buff obsession because it looked like graffiti 🙂


If your long runs involve wearing rucksacks a buff can help with any rubbing from the shoulder straps. If you wear a helmet when cycling buffs can be an ideal layer of comfort.

So, how can you use your buff. You start with the obvious neckerchief, if the weather gets worse you move onto it as a facemask, if the weather worsens then you can go for the full balaclava. For purely windy days there’s the bandana or the beanie and for the Summer there’s the legionnaire with the back of your neck covered. I’ve only scratched the surface here so if you don’t posses a buff or have never worked out just how many possibilities there are then just sit back and watch this 3 minute video.

You can’t get enough of the original Buff 🙂