As a rule I don’t write product reviews, however, when I come across something that impresses me then I’ll put pen to paper and create a separate page on my blog. It’s often said that simple ideas are the best but after that “light bulb” moment you need to offer something that delivers and SplashMaps have certainly done that.

This waterproof, durable, washable and “all weather” fabric will map out your future memories with a non permanent marker that easily washes off. Based on Ordnance Survey and Open Street map data they are accurate, bright and infinitely useable. Compared to traditional paper maps or laminated versions this weighs nothing and easily folds down to virtually nothing too. The index above gives you all the information you need to know, all you have to do is choose your trail.

I run mainly along the South Downs so my map is specific to the area I generally cover. Who else would use it ? Well, everyone that I meet on the trails …. mountain bikers, walkers, hikers, Duke of Edinburgh Awards teenagers, horse riders …. the list goes on !!

As outdoor people we all love a map, it gives us that reassurance of seeing what lies ahead, and yes I accept this can be done on your phone, but will a piece of fabric loose a signal, run out of charge or not connect to gps ??? 🙂 Coupled with these practicalities there’s that sense of opening out a map and the intrigue of where it will take you, this is then followed with wrestling it back into its original pre packed condition. With SplashMaps you could just stuff it back in your rucksack if you liked (not that we’d do that because we respect our maps 🙂 !!)


National Parks as well as National Trails like the SDW are all catered for as well as personalised maps of your choice. This infinite choice is why SplashMaps have been nominated for Gift of the Year 2017, truly an all year round present.

Scale wise I chose a 1 : 40000 because I have a rough idea of the area. There are a number of other scale and size options e.g. 1 : 25000 naturally shows you more detail.

The personalised options would mean events, logos and route markings could all be customised. Race Organisers could offer them as a spot prize maybe ?? Due to their size and wash ability I could see the maps being used at a country pub, as a table cloth !!

DSC00476A map by definition is a starting point, the beginning if you like, all you need to do is decide where it will end and then draw your route with the washable Crayola pen. Draw on it, use it, wash it and then start all over again.

The fabric map can also be knot-wrapped for carrying kit. I think if Dick Whittington had wrapped his worldly goods in a SplashMap he might well have had better luck finding those London streets of gold !!

With our adventurers taking us out into the countryside inevitably we’ll be out for a while and carrying various useful items in our rucksacks. If you wanted to avoid your water bottle leaking, wrap it up in your waterproof map !!

As I “Crayola”draw towards the end of this review I’m pleased to say that the man behind SplashMaps is based not that far from me in Hampshire so I’m always keen to promote local products, that said, these washable maps can take you far beyond Hampshire.

DSC00465Draw – explore – wash – repeat ……….

Draw – explore – wash – repeat ……….

Draw – explore – wash – repeat  🙂

The website link is also here http://www.splash-maps.com/ so click away and discover the different options that are available. I would recommend these maps to any of my outdoor friends.